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"There are few people on the planet with such an attuned alchemy of wise intuition, rebellious thinking, and a "can-do" mindset as Quinn Eaker.

He's not just an idealistic dreamer. He's an action-oriented doer and someone who is going to help to change the world." 

 - Chip Conley

​Best-selling Author & Hospitality Entrepreneur

"Quinn Eaker is the master of sustainability and living free."

Adam Kokesh

Activist for Freedom and Talk Show Host

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Quinn Eaker.png

"I came to follow and eventually befriend Quinn Eaker after the Garden of Eden's terrifying botched "raid" a few years back.

While I was aghast and angry at the abuse of government power, Quinn has consistently exhibited grace, authenticity and peace throughout the extended ordeal.

Quinn is a loving man - a family man who not only loves and cares for his Garden of Eden family, but the rest of his extended global family.  
He's an inspiration to us all to live a more sustainable, giving, loving, authentic life."

John Spivey

Activist, Libertarian

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“We are grateful to have this guy back for the 2014 I AM yoga, art + music festival! Quinn Eaker's commitment to sustainability is a powerful example of what is possible for all of us.”

- Melissa Joy 

Founder & Director of the I AM yoga, Art & Music Festival, Tulsa OK

"Quinn Eaker is an inspiration! Through his words and his actions as a rad daddy, he reminds me to look to the children as examples of free living, free thinking, freewheeling...

​We at Wild Family Studio are grateful to have his superb contributions in film and book projects, and we're lucky to have his philosophy on record."

- Kabirin Lindsay

Director at Wild Family TV

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"Quinn is an artist of living, a master of embodying his own values and ideals, and a truly great  role model for those who wish to do the same. He is my own personal hero, and so much more. 

'Paradise' is a matter of personal preference. Quinn holds the keys to unlocking the potential for anyone to create their own personal paradise on earth, just as he has done for me and so many others.

He is truly dedicated to serving his fellow man, to improving anyone and everyone's experience as much as he possibly can. He gives of himself so deeply, and so purely.

I have witnessed him in states of pure love and presence for hours on end with total strangers, being more authentic and emotionally generous than most people are even with their own families. 

After many years of living with him and receiving the spiritual and material blessings he shares so abundantly, my experience of life is now so more rich and rewarding than I had ever imagined it could be.

Any and every person on this earth has something to gain from the depth and breadth of his perspective, his laser sharp perception, and the genuine love he has for all of life."

- Inok Alrutz

Mother of his Children, New Paradigm Pupil

"Quinn is a living example of New Paradigm existence, leading the way to exemplary full-spectrum health and well-being of this human experience, also being lived and shared as true Master Training for all of life at the Garden of Eden.  Living true, living full-on with deliberate attention, consciously, right now!  It is all-purposeful, and I have gleaned the rewards of tuning into the power of his vortex. 

And, more than all that, he is unselfishly sharing the fullness of his awareness as the underlying foundation for this life and amplified, cutting edge, expansive, delightful, vivacious, vibrant, juicy, unprecedented experience in consciousness. The awareness he brings to the table is truly beyond these words and explanations. It is an experience to be experienced.

It is an opportunity to tune into a true personal trainer…a life trainer…a mind, body and spirit alchemist. Money can’t buy the fullness and vastness of what Quinn has to offer.

Everyday I live in gratitude that he has chosen to share himself and his awareness with me.  I feel inspired by the possibilities that this is only the beginning of the sweetness in store for my life in this vortex.  
​There are profound realities unfolding here."

- Shellie Smith

Co-Creator of the Garden of Eden, Quinn's Biggest Supporter

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"I have come to realize that in a backwards world and very sick society, if you are NOT getting in trouble for something.. you are not doing anything honorable or even remotely inspiring.

Congratulations on continually disturbing the comfortable and comforting the disturbed, Quinn Eaker.

You are truly living an existence completely sovereign of all other programmed ideals and standards.

You have set the Golden standard for empowered living with the most honor I have ever seen in a person. You continue to amaze me with your responsible and conscious practices in your life.

And I've also never met a better father who could be so trusting of the Natural process for his children.

You are a living Legend my friend!! I got your back brother all the way!"

- Miguel Michael Angel

Creator & Director of the Pachamama Portal Art Installation, Sound Healer

Quinn is quite quintessentially the most original, most unique, and the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my entire life. I clearly remember the very first moment I ever laid eyes on him; immediately recognizing a wisdom and presence far beyond his years.

As I came to learn more about his life and spend more time in his presence witnessing his life example, the more and more it inspired me to make changes in my own life; not just on the surface but also deep down in the core of my being.

Countless times he was also there to help me through some of the really tough aspects of my evolution and process; remaining both compassionate yet detached, offering a true clear perspective of guiding light and wisdom, always propelling me to seek the answers within myself instead of offering me easy ways out that would never really stick.

Being with him was always a time of great upheaval and though it was without a doubt some of the most amazing times of my life, it wasn’t always easy to embrace the new and let go of the old. Quinn didn’t just add a few nice philosophies here and there to spice up my life; he literally upgraded the entire operating system upon which my life is based from the ground up.

Quinn has taught me a lot, either directly from his own words but more often from witnessing the remarkable way he lives his life. Perhaps the greatest things of all is his ability to inspire true change which begins within you; inspiring you to step up and be the leader of your life and to look within for the answers and the inspiration.

Quinn has an amazing life, something that could be easily envied by anyone, but rather than live his life, he inspires us to truly live our life. To not always rely on someone else to follow or guide us, but to become the light unto ourselves, to be a lion, king of the jungle.

Quinn is a lion, and a light unto himself, connecting directly with source as the basis for the universal wisdom he is able to live and offer as an example to others. He is a clear open channel and teaches us to be the same, to connect ourselves to source and be THE ONE.

I am continually inspired every day by Quinn’s unique life and the example he is for others. He lives his life with such overflowing grace, approaching each and every aspect of life with integrity, honor, awareness and presence. It is truly remarkable.

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- Christian Locke

World Traveler, Soul Searcher, First Garden of Eden Knight

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