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Quinn is a charismatic and inspiring keynote speaker
who has appeared at dozens of local, national, and international
festivals, conferences, retreats, rallies, marches and other events. 

He ignites audiences with his powerful presence, truthful messages, and wise insights.

He offers custom tailored presentations on a range of topics for a variety of events.

His most popular presentation topics are related to Freedom, Sustainability, Community, Holistic Health, and Parenting. 

Explore below to learn how Quinn can take your audience to new horizons of experience and consciousness. 

event types

Quinn Eaker 109.jpg


Get Quinn's life-changing New Paradigm Perspective on specific topics like holistic health, parenting, relationships, wealth, and sustainability. 

Quinn Eaker 107.png


Captivate and activate your festival audience with Quinn's super-charged speeches, workshops, and presentations 

Quinn Eaker 108.jpg


Get the in-depth, insightful  Download, on Quinn's New Paradigm Perspective
live, in intimate presence
for your retreat or small group

presentation styles:

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Speeches that Captivate, Motivate and Activate your audience! Quinn's charismatic and powerful presence ignites audiences, inspiring people to rise to their greater purpose and passion. 

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Lectures & Classes offering a New Paradigm Perspective. Hundreds of hours of research and inspired meditation. Get a super concentrated info download that will revolutionize your perspective. 

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Tutorials and Workshops offering hands-on experience on a range of specific topics ranging from growing food to making didgeridoos, all from a perspective of how to do it as sustainably as possible. 

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