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I am Quinn Eaker, and I am SO GRATEFUL to be ALIVE!

Yet it was not always that way...
Half of my life I have spent in suffering, weakness, and disempowerment.
I know what it's like to be hopeless, angry and utterly miserable.

I would say that part of my life was wasted except for that now I realize it is part of the whole. Because I have suffered, I have true compassion and empathy for those who are unhappy. I know what it feels like when life is less than we want it to be, and even when life totally sucks!

I also know exactly what it IS and what it TAKES to transform oneself! 

Because I have experienced a full conscious awakening, and because I achieved it deliberately, I am able to help others transform their own lives!

After my full awakening 15 years ago, I dedicated my life to helping as many people as possible achieve true happiness as a living reality! It's the greatest gift that I can give, and I am fulfilled by doing so!

We all have access to infinite potential!
​The ONLY thing standing in our way of living a truly AWESOME LIFE is our SELF!

I don't believe in right or wrong, and therefore I do not and cannot judge.
Yet I have a very keen sense of what is honest, true and accurate, and what is not.
Most people live with many layers of unconsciousness and disempowered programming.
It is easy for me to see this and therefore help you see it also. Once you can see it too, change is easy. But it doesn't stop there.

I don't just identify problems and leave you with them - I am ALL about SOLUTIONS!

"Solutions" is the name of my game! I have yet to find a problem for which I have not also found a solution!

It would be my honor to help you make your dream into your reality. 

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​Quinn is dynamic person, a tremendously passionate man for his beliefs. Having known him only recently, I admire his perseverance. His ideals of protecting and preserving life and nature are unique yet ages old. Every once in awhile comes a person with the rare ability and vision to bring about a change. I wish him luck for all his endeavors, as I am sure it is for the greater good of the people he supports.

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— Vijay Warman, Mystic Mandala 

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ready to upgrade?

Because of Quinn's proven track record of success in facilitating revolutionary upgrades for hundreds of people worldwide, his time and focus are in demand. He serves those who value it appropriately and who are willing and able to make a mutually valuable contribution to the purpose for which Quinn lives every day.

All proceeds are dedicated to the creation and sharing of New Paradigm Possibilities such as ​Sustainable Community, Conscious Empowered and Holistic living, and Humanitarian works.

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