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Quinn is a truly extraordinary being who is clear and passionate about his purpose for existing on this Earth at this time. He is here to do two things:

1. To live the most AWESOME life possible, a life of true THRIVAL!

  • to be the very best he can be and ever push his abilities to excel and expand

  • to actively re-imagine and craft his life based on core values from an empowered position

  • to live a daily life of love, health and fulfillment of purpose

2. To share that awesome living reality of Thrival with as many people as possible!

  • to show people by his life, his presence and his voice that they too can and deserve to THRIVE!

  • to directly or indirectly activate conscious awakening and Thrival in others

  • to activate full spectrum thrival centers for healthy vibrant living 


As the visionary founder of the Garden of Eden EcoVillage in Arlington Texas, USA, he is boldly challenging the unconscionable standard American consumer culture by providing a significantly more sustainable alternative model for living. On a daily basis, Quinn eats, breathes and excretes sustainability.

He is also holding space for the conscious evolution and empowerment of those living and thriving at the Garden of Eden, most especially for his children. 

By living a life of ease, enjoyment, passion and purpose,  Quinn redefining what it means to be alive in a culture riddled with apathy, complacency, and strife.  

The Garden of Eden EcoVillage and all its sub-operations and programs have been birthed from his vision, passion and insight. It is through his guiding sight and clear perception that this community and its inhabitants have grown and evolved.

Through his example and leadership, a high standard of living in honor, integrity, and responsibility are the blessings and the masters of the inhabitants of this small community. 

Read more about the Garden of Eden Community at the community's website:

Quinn Eaker.jpg
Quinn Eaker.jpg

Quinn's Story

As a youth, Quinn was a sickly boy, a slave to his fears, impulses, weakness and conditioning, who found nothing in this world to admire or strive for, only disappointment and despair. There was no livelihood, no relationship, no occupation at all that appeared to have any real truth, depth or value among all that he had seen. He wished that he would either find or make something better than everything he had witnesses so far, or to live no more. 

At seventeen he found a glimpse of hope and poured all his energy into that ray of light, channelling all of his energy into spirituality. Although he was at the time living in Hollywood and working as a model, he spent all his free time in meditation, contemplation and study of his spirituality. He was gifted with the fulfillment of his wish, and experienced a full spiritual awakening, a moment of total oneness with all, pure beingness, pure love, pure bliss. He then spent the next 5 years primarily in meditation and self reflection, replacing his old paradigm conditioning of fear based living, and integrating this new level of spiritual awareness into every nook and cranny of his being.

In 2008, Quinn began speaking and consulting on a wide range of topics, but most especially sustainability, health, parenting, relationships and business. Since then he has been a presenter at the Rethinking Everything Conference of Dallas TX, the Australian Unschooling Conference, The I AM Festival of Tulsa OK, The Art Outside Festival of TX, Burning Man of NV and more. He has hosted many dozens of workshops and lectures at the Garden of Eden from 2010 until the present, and continues to offer classes and consulting. 

In 2009 he and Shellie began fertilizing the soil that would become the Garden of Eden.  The two plus years that they spent in intimate communion were so fulfilling that Shellie was inspired to gift to Quinn the full control and rights to the land known as the Garden of Eden so that he could continue to fulfill his dream of creating a sustainable ecovillage. 

In 2011 he and Shellie were joined by Quinn's True Love and mother of his children, Inok. Since then, the three of them have worked together to foster and nurture the development of this small community, opening their home to others who also wished to participate in the building of paradise on earth. ​



From Quinn's perspective, he is just sharing what already IS. Awesomeness already IS. People just need a little shift in their perspective to be able to see it, and once they can see it, it BECOMES their reality. His purpose is to help people tap in to that.

He performs what seems like nothing short of magic by facilitating major shifts in people's perspectives, pointing out things to people that they were not previously aware of,  tweaking their viewpoint so they can see just how awesome things already are, and helping them to tune in to their deeper selves, where their pure potential power lies.

Among his many great talents, he has a powerful ability to see right into a person, to love and accept them unconditionally, simultaneously seeing them with piercing clarity. Quinn is then able to lead people through the depths of their own unconscious darkness and into the light of enhanced awareness and self love. It is like coming home into a whole new realm of existence, where all new things are possible. 

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