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steem powered success series

@quinneaker's PROVEN tips, tricks, strategies, insights, and perspectives 
for achieving sustainable success on the STEEM blockchain!

REVOLUTIONIZE your social media experience 
EARN CRYPTOCURRENCY for posting and curating unique, quality content
JOIN a cutting edge community & establish networks around the globe

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After over 2 years on Steemit and the dedicated development of multiple accounts with reputations over 70, @quinneaker has an extensive portfolio of content and cryptocurrency investments worth over US$300,000!

HERE and NOW, Quinn is sharing exclusive secrets to achieving sustainable success on the Steem blockchain in his cutting edge


Quinn offers a variety of packages to upgrade the experience for ANYONE in the Steemy Sea, be they newbie plankton, beginner minnows, intermediate dolphins, or advanced whales!

With your investment in this ground breaking program, you get:

  • 35+ tutorials

  • ​Community Support

  • Network Interaction

  • Insider Tips, Tricks, Perspective, and Guidance from an Established Steemian

  • ​Valuable Extras Available with Advanced Courses



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How can STEEM change your life?​

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​Here is Quinn's experience:


One of the best things that has happened to me in the last 2 years was finding the Steem blockchain and funny enough, I found out about it through FascistBook!

A friend made a post about it and for whatever reason - destiny or my keen sense of glorious opportunity, I checked it out. Within a couple hours of researching it and reading the content here, I knew it was something that had grand potential.

I created my account within a day and was literally completely focused and immersed in the SteemVortex for 16 hours a day for at least a week straight!

I have never looked back and have only used FB to promote Steem/Steemit since. I got everyone @gardenofeden to sign up for accounts, helped them figure out this new revolutionary space, and have inspired many on FB to sign up over the past 18 months as well.

What is really funny is the guy who I heard about Steemit from quit using it when the price of Steem Fell to 8 cents a little over a year ago. He and others decided to call it a scam because they were upset they couldn't make the hundreds of $ per post they were fantasizing about.

I of course kept on, as did @gardenofeden, even when I was making less than $1 per post. In truth, I have made close to 100 blogs/articles that made around $1 or less.

It was a lot of work for $1, but each $1 was still $1 MORE than I had EVER made directly for a post on FascistBook. I don't feel sorry for anyone who doesn't make "big money" on their posts, and I don't agree with anyone who complains about authors making "big money" when they don't. The truth is that every cent you make on Steem is more than you EVER made on FascistBook!

These thousands of hours I have invested into this platform have truly paid off. All that Steem that I made back when Steem was worth 8 cents is now worth 40x or more depending on what we value $teem at these days, and I have high hopes that it will continue to rise as this community just gets stronger every day.

As with all things in life, greatness does not usually come easy nor for free. If you come here to Steemit expecting to get rich quick....It is possible, but honestly it's not likely. Unless you have a close friend that is a whale who chooses to support you, building a rep here takes time.

As rightfully it should. I don't see why we should just be throwing our hard earned $teem at every new account just because "it's fair" - no it's not fair! When you invest the thousands of hours I have and promote and support this community like I have, then I will be happy to consider you a true Steemian.

Until then, keep working hard and stop complaining. Remember that every cent you earn here is more than you ever earned on FascistBook, and remember it's about EARNING it. It's not free; millions of dollars and millions of hours of people's time have been invested in Steem to make it what it is today.

Just because you WANT to make easy money for posting your memes doesn't mean you DESERVE it more than anyone else. If you consistently create quality content and support this community in gratitude for the opportunity, then you will likely succeed.

If you act entitled, complain, and rant about what's fair, you're not likely to get too much support. I have been talking to a lot of noobs who want to make "big money" on Steem.

I don't give them silver bullets, I give them the truth.

I am happy to help people learn about the Steem platform/community and give them tools to succeed, but I am not going to pretend like it's "easy big money" just because some people are making big money. I am also not going to pretend like I am going to support them just because they make a "nice comment". 

I will release the STEEM POWERED SUCCESS SERIES as another contribution and thanks for changing my life. It will be a multi-part series with text and video sections. It is tailored to Steem noobs but has some golden nuggets that could help more experienced users as well.

Congratulations to all of you who realized the powerful potential of Steem and invested in it. For any of you who have just started, remember that potential and focus on it. Don't get distracted with FUD or disappointment. For those of you who are not involved yet, it's not too late!


Order now for immediate access to the STEEM POWERED SUCCESS SERIES
and upgrade your Steemit experience!

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Quinn's insight is priceless! I'm not a very technical person, yet I have achieved great success in this digital realm and I don't even know how I got here! I enjoy my time in Steemit so much - without understanding the computer or cryptocurrency aspects of it - that I founded the popular artists' initiatives Collaborative Art Journey and the newest project Artists in Bloom, to give children a space of their own on the blockchain.

Garden of Eden

— @everlove, rep 70

ORDER NOW for immediate access to the

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